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Protection. Nature. Culture. Community.
Our Natural Legacy. Our Cultural Heritage. What will we pass on to future generations? And in what condition? How do we merge and balance conservation with economic prosperity?

We save what we care about. We care about what we understand. We understand best what we directly experience. Connections.

Eco Think is Innovation and Results for the Great Outdoors. We provide and deliver on creative ideas to protect what is special to you. In America, commerce drives most decision-making. We help grow communities and green economic development based on natural/cultural resource protection, outdoor/environmental education, recreation, ecotourism and heritage tourism, and nature-based wellness programs for people of all ages.

We help individuals, private organizations, and public agencies safeguard their interests, solve problems, and achieve goals. Our consulting services include: strategic and tactical thinking, government relations, resource protection campaigns, issue analysis and advocacy, community planning and development, special studies, park/public land/open space management, coalitions and partnership building, tourism initiatives, project management, business promotion, non-profit organizational development, and fundraising.

Eco Think means “quadruple bottom-line” success—benefitting nature, culture, community and economy. We connect decisions to positive environmental outcomes. We connect businesses to clients and to favorable public policy results. We connect heritage protection and prosperity. We connect children and families to outdoor recreation, nature, and wellness. We connect everything to education. We connect to and create social capital.

Connections. Eco Think Solutions.
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Nature enjoyment & outdoor
activities contribute $730 billion
annually to U.S. economy and
supports nearly 6.5 million jobs.

Eco Think provides federal, state,
and local government relations services.

Population growth and resource consumption are putting unprecedented pressure on Earth’s natural systems and threaten irreplaceable cultural legacies. Balancing nature and commerce is the human species’ #1 priority at the individual, community, and global level.

Nature must provide the clean water, food, and energy for human survival and cultural continuity. Protecting special places and cultural heritage also helps sustain a U.S. outdoor recreation industry which contributes $730 billion annually to the economy and supports nearly 6.5 million jobs.

Yet we continue to put the natural systems and special places that sustain this economy at risk, while we miss opportunities to create more win-win solutions that combine protection and prosperity.

At the same time, Americans have never been more physically inactive or more separated from nature. Rates of obesity and associated chronic diseases have skyrocketed in American children and adults; this has been paralleled by a dramatic decline in Americans’ physical activity.

Children today spend more time than ever using electronic media indoors — 7.5 hours/day according to the Kaiser Family Foundation — and less time than ever in unstructured outdoor activity and in contact with nature that is so important to children’s development in every major way — intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically.

More and more organizations, however—from businesses to governments—are (and should be) seeking more sustainable solutions. Natural settings should play a huge role in sustainable economies, in social development, in education, and in containing spiraling health care costs while simultaneously encouraging public land visitation and promoting citizenship and stewardship.

The opportunities to combine these objectives have never been more prolific or pressing.
Who We Are

Dave Simon, President of Eco Think, has 25 years experience with conservation/environmental protection, parks and public lands (local, state, & federal), heritage protection, recreation, tourism, and education. He is an accomplished, innovative, result-oriented leader with non-profit and government experience, a business education, and a proven track record of success. Dave served as Director of New Mexico State Parks (2003-2010) and has worked on conservation issues across America. . .from Alaska to Florida, from Maine to California. . .in the Intermountain West, Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest. His efforts have helped establish and safeguard numerous parks and other special areas, protected wildlife, brought recreation experiences and outdoor education to millions of people of all ages, created jobs and supported tourism and economic development.

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Dave Simon,
President Eco Think
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